Sustainability & Community Engagement

Sustainability Projects


Sustainable Forestry 

At Zuberi Flooring we uphold our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Safeguarding our forests and fostering their continual prosperity are of utmost importance to us.

Stringent protocols and protective measures govern our tree harvesting practices. Only trees meeting specific criteria – neither of reproductive age nor below a certain size – are selected for harvesting. Our operations adhere to precise regulations dictating the permissible number of trees to be felled per hectare, ensuring that the forest’s density endures post-harvest.

In addition to regulatory compliance, we employ an innovative method to nurture future forest growth. We distribute seed balls, comprising tree seeds encased in clay and ash, across designated areas. These meticulously crafted balls, produced by the local community in exchange for compensation, serve as a catalyst for sapling proliferation. This initiative not only fortifies the future of Zimbabwe’s forests but also empowers local communities.


The Bee Project

The Bee Project embodies our unwavering dedication to conserving and fostering the bee populations thriving within the vibrant ecosystems of our Nkayi Mill and the surrounding forests. At its core, our initiative aims to establish a network of strategically positioned bee hives. These hives serve not only as sanctuaries for bees but also as integral contributors to the ecological equilibrium of the region. By nurturing bee populations, we aim to play a pivotal role in upholding the biodiversity of our local environment. Our project transcends mere hive installation; it represents a holistic commitment to conservation. Our enthusiastic team of employees actively participates in safeguarding these vital hives.

The Tree Project

Zuberi Flooring and Pride of Africa have joined forces to inspire and educate the youth about environmental protection. This collaborative project focuses on planting fruit and shade trees in local schools and public areas across Zimbabwe. Moreover, it aims to raise awareness among young people about the significance of environmental sustainability.

This initiative goes beyond mere tree planting; it is a multifaceted endeavour aimed at empowering youth with knowledge. It seeks to cultivate a profound respect for the environment and equip them with the skills to become environmental stewards. Through engaging educational programs, workshops, and interactive sessions, Zuberi and Pride of Africa aim to provide the younger generation with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between human activities and the well-being of our planet.

Nkayi Orphanage

The Nkayi Orphanage holds a special place in the hearts of Zuberi employees. Sadly, the children residing there have lost their parents to HIV, but they are cared for and cherished by dedicated caregivers.

Funding for the orphanage is sustained through the sale of firewood from our Harare factory, with 100% of the profits dedicated to their well-being. Additionally, the Muslim community’s generosity has provided each child with their own bicycle, soccer ball, and pair of Croc shoes.

Zuberi is committed to ensuring that every child receives an education and has implemented a program guaranteeing job opportunities at our timber mill for orphanage graduates. This initiative underscores our dedication to supporting the children’s holistic development and future prospects.